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Meet our Sous Chef - Joey Pipe

20th October 2021

We caught up with Joey Pipe, Sous Chef at Platform 1, first thing on a quiet morning, in the lull before the storm of another incredibly busy day in the hospitality industry. Joey’s calm and mellow presence, providing thoughtful answers is a perfect example of why Head Chef, Hannah Black refers to Joey as her right hand man. Hannah says that she couldn’t run the kitchen without him and a lot of the success of the last 18 months has been down to him. We managed to find out a bit more about his likes and dislikes, who really controls the playlist in the kitchen and who he named his tortoise after!

Where were you born?
Devon-born in Tavistock, but I spent most of my early life living in North Cornwall.

Earliest memory?
My 8th birthday football party.

Where did you train?
Went to Callington Community College then to Uni in London to study Business Management.

What was your first job?
I had a paper round at £3.50 per hour and also worked as a KP from the age of 14. I have experienced kitchen life in all sorts of different roles and restaurants from the Penguin Lounge in Plymouth to big hotel restaurants in Hull. I’ve really learnt to be a chef on the job.

What motivates you?
I am really motivated by learning new things, like playing the keyboard and during the first lockdown I started learning French on an app and have also started to learn Polish.

How long have you worked for Holland Group?
I have worked for the Holland Group at Platform 1 since July 2018 so I was one of the first employees involved in the change of usage from café to champagne bar and restaurant. It was a lot of pressure and hard work at the time but also very exciting as it was going to be so different.

Favourite country you have visited?
I really enjoy going to the US particularly Florida. There is something about the larger than life, fun loving characters you meet out there that really appeals to me.

Best meal you’ve ever eaten?
I wouldn’t say it was necessarily my best meal but a meal I remember most clearly was my first proper ‘grown up’ meal where I didn’t have to choose from the kids menu and it was a chicken dish with a creamy leek sauce, somewhere in Wales.

Favourite drink?
Has to be Birra Moretti or coffee

Perfect day?
When I lived in Cornwall we used to go for lots of coastal walks with the family and that is still a perfect day for me, the sun is shining and I’m walking on the coast.

Favourite smell?
The smell of petrol or cooking bacon. Not at the same time obviously!

I couldn’t live without music. My playlists contain everything from Jonny Cash to Britney Spears to Jay Z. We always listen to music in the kitchen, and it is usually Hannah who controls the play list but I like to get in there too, given half a chance!

I really hate being interrupted and also when people don’t say please or thankyou

Interesting fact about you?
I have a pet tortoise called Kobe, named after Kobe Bryant who was a basketball player.

Most embarrassing moment?
During an exam at school I put my hand up to go the toilet but the teacher wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t hold out any longer and had to rush out the room leaving a puddle on the floor behind me. The most embarrassing thing was that a girl I really liked was sitting on the next table and she saw everything!

Most treasured possession?
II have a selection of old family photos which mean a lot to me.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
Definitely more time with my family, we haven’t seen a lot of each for the last 2 years for obvious reasons but are planning a get together.

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