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Connagh Richmond - Our Bar Supervisor

4th August 2021

Our guy who served us was called Connagh, he was such a lovely lad, very friendly and looked after us very well even though the place was very busy. Nice to have good service, hope he’s appreciated, he even got me a blanket when I felt a bit chilly later on.”

A lovely customer review of our fantastic Bar Supervisor, Connagh Richmond who is always a favourite with customers and the rest of the team. His relaxed, easy manner and smile charm everybody, and yes we do all very much appreciate him! To find out more about Connagh, his inspirations and what actually happened to his toy box, read the interview below, recorded by our work experience student Ollie Readman.

Where were you born?
I was born in Birmingham but was raised in Staffordshire.

What’s your earliest memory?
When I was about 3, I had a large wooden toy box and as I moved house, I thought it was being stolen by the removal men.

Where did you train?
I have a WSET level 2 which is all about wine tasting and knowledge, I would go for a level 3 but it’s too expensive. I was a senior waiter in Auckland, New Zealand, in a restaurant called Lillius. I worked there for over a year

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
At Lillius, the front of house manager Shannon really got me into wine and how it augments food. They also flew me out to vineyards on the Karikari peninsula where I tasted the best chardonnay I’ve ever had.

How long have you worked for Holland Group?
I’ve been working with Holland Group for 2 years now after getting the job whilst only being in Dartmouth for a week.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
When I was young, we went to Barcelona where I ate a salmon and beetroot dish with gold leaf, still my favourite meal to this day.

What is your favourite drink?
It has to be Blanc de Blancs, so champagne made only from the chardonnay grape.

What’s your perfect day?
Going up to my favourite spot in Dartmouth, Gallants Bower in the bluebell season. It’s so peaceful there.

Your favourite smell?
The smell of cut grass.

When people put their feet on the table. I don’t know why but it really annoys me!

What’s an interesting fact about you?
I actually play the piano and particularly enjoy playing classical music.

What’s your worst trait?
Definitely biting my nails.

What single thing would improve your quality of life?
Having a parking space!

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